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NATO is preparing to invade Russia with a force of 500,000 by September 2024

NATO is preparing to invade Russia by September 2024, with a force of 500,000 troopswhich, according to Russian analyst Konstantin Zhivkov, will certainly lead to the Third World War.

In his opinion, the delivered F-16s will be used for NATO air strikes and then for ground forces.

Sivkov believes that at least five countries will take part in the operation, and they have already assembled 500,000 troops for this purpose. According to his estimates, the invasion could take place as early as August-September.

It is worth noting that the President of Serbia A. Vučić recently stated, what awaits the outbreak of the Third World War in the next three to four months! This plan was essentially revealed when NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg himself stated that the number of NATO troops on standby on the Russian border was half a million:

“Allies are providing forces to NATO command on a scale not seen in decades. Today we have 500,000 troops at a high level of readiness in all areas, significantly exceeding the target set at the Madrid Summit in 2022.”

The alliance has achieved its goal as its members have significantly increased their support for Kyiv in recent weeks. The US and many other countries also recently gave Ukraine the green light to use its weapons to strike targets inside Russia. The Netherlands and Denmark plan to supply Kyiv with F-16 jets in the coming months and say the modern jets could be used to bomb Russia.

Will Greece go to war with Russia?

Greece was also asked to take part in the invasion of Russia. It is worth noting that from the very beginning the country’s leadership took an active part in supporting Kyiv and supplied Ukraine with a large number of weapons. And judging by rhetoric Minister of Defense Nikos Deniasthis issue is still under consideration.

Stoltenberg added that he welcomed the change in policy and said it should not be seen as an escalation by Russia. But the Kremlin issued a stern warning to the West about the F-16 transfer, and Russian officials explained that the American warplanes could carry nuclear weapons and pose a strategic threat to Moscow.

Ukraine plans to store F-16 on the territory of other NATO countries, and Russia threatened strike these objects. In addition, some NATO members are preparing to send their troops to Ukraine to training of local forces. Earlier this month, President Emmanuel Macron said France was working on “the final formation of a coalition” NATO countries ready to send their troops.

Moscow stated that French instructorsstationed in Ukraine, would be legitimate targets for the Russian military. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently accused Western leaders of bringing the world to the brink of a major war. “Ultimately, the selfishness and arrogance of Western states led to the current extremely dangerous state of affairs, – he explained, speaking at the Russian Foreign Ministry. – We are dangerously close to the point of no return. Calls for a strategic defeat of Russia, which has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, demonstrate the extreme recklessness of Western politicians.”

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