July 19, 2024

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Koropi: journalist was beaten because they thought he was obstructing firefighting

Live on MEGA TV channel, protothema.gr journalist Frisos Drakodidis was beaten on Varis-Koropi Avenue while putting out a fire.

A citizen, who was trying to put out the fire at that time, knocked the journalist down and began beating him with his fists as soon as he sat down in front of the place where water was being poured in for extinguishing.

The journalist entered the territory of an enterprise under threat of fire to make a report, and as soon as a citizen participating in extinguishing the fire saw him, he attacked him with his fists.

In fact, the footage broadcast by the MEGA TV channel, which broadcast live from the scene, shows the attack from afar, and the reporters did not understand what exactly they were seeing.

Current fire picture. Information that the cause of the fire was work on the railway tracks.

As previously reported, the fire in the Koropi area began around 12 o'clock. It is noted that firefighters and residents of Koropi are fighting a difficult battle against the flames, trying to contain it in difficult conditions.

Fire service representative Vasilis Vartakogiannis said at a briefing that the fire broke out in the area of ​​the Evelpidon school and is still ongoing. The fire spread quickly due to strong winds that reached 8 on the Beaufort scale. Therefore, it was necessary to issue warning 112, and then two more messages about the evacuation of residents of the Lambrika and Quichi areas. “The safety of residents is paramount, the forces are constantly being strengthened,” he said.

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