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In Germany, the attitude towards Ukrainian refugees is changing

In Germany, the attitude towards Ukrainian refugees is changing due to pressure caused by the disappointing results of the European elections for the coalition parties, as 1,700 of them must leave their apartments in Saxony.

It is likely that the move is also part of a plan to pressure many thousands of war-aged Ukrainians to return to Ukraine to fight as Kyiv faces a serious troop shortage problem that is now evident on all fronts of the war.

But other than that The economic and social situation in Germany caused a wave of reaction and a drop in the ratings of the coalition governmentand many analysts in Germany doubt that Olaf Scholz will be able to remain as chancellor until the end of his term.

Relatively recently, the regional department sent letters to Ukrainians occupying 650 apartments in the cities of Zschopau, Aue and Marienberg, saying that in the summer they would no longer have apartments, which means they only have a few days to find new housing. Now Ukrainians have to “rid” houses for foreigners from Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey who are going through the asylum process, but the fact is that 90% of all available housing for refugees is occupied.

The letter received by the Ukrainians states that they had previously been warned about the need to find new housing: “For this reason, we urge you to immediately find your own living space and leave the apartment allocated to you!”

We don't force…

Minister of Development Svenja Schulze (Svenja Schulze) stated on the eve of the conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Berlin that Germany does not put pressure on Ukrainian refugees to return to their homeland. In addition, no assistance is provided in case of return.

According to the minister, Each refugee must make his own decision. He can stay because he was looking for asylum in Germany. However, you can also return home. However, refugees are not forced or encouraged to return. At the same time, on Ukrainian military refugees are not covered by benefits for asylum seekersbut they have access to German “benefits for citizens”.

Ukrainians in Germany may be deprived of civil benefits

From January 1, the civil benefit (Bürgergeld) per unemployed person in Germany amounts to 563 euros per month. Many in Germany are unhappy with this, since it is often more profitable to receive tax-exempt benefits and work part-time in the shadow sector than to go to a permanent job and pay taxes.

From June 2022, refugees from Ukraine will also receive Bürgergeld in Germany. Now there are about 1.25 million of them in Germany. Those arriving from other countries can only count on 460 euros in refugee benefits. Bundestag deputy Bijan Dzhir-Saray spoke in favor of abolishing Bürgergeld for Ukrainians. He is the secretary general of the liberal FDP party, which is part of the ruling coalition.

“Newly arriving refugees from the war in Ukraine in the future should not receive Bürgergeld, but [выплаты] under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,” he said. “We have a labor shortage everywhere.” For example, in the areas of catering, construction, and personal care. We should no longer use taxpayers' money to finance unemployment, but rather give people jobs.”

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the federal state of Brandenburg, Michael Stübgen, a member of the conservative CDU party, called for the same. He called Bürgergeld for Ukrainians “a fundamental mistake” and “a brake on getting to work.” His colleague from Bavaria, Joachim Herrmann, agrees with him. He stated that the Ukrainians now have “completely wrong incentives are being set.”

It is worth noting that attitudes towards refugees from Ukraine vary depending on the region. In the east, the territory of the former GDR, it is noticeably worse than in the territories of West Germany. Accordingly, each land has its own rules, benefits and living conditions.

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