July 16, 2024

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Prices on the islands: it is difficult to find accommodation for less than 200 euros per night

Prices for rooms on the islands, and often on the Greek mainland, are beyond the means of most residents of the country: travelers find it difficult to find a room in three-, four- and five-star hotels for less than 200 euros.

Typically, six nights in a five-star hotel costs €10,568 for a couple, which is €1,761 per night, while in a four-star hotel it costs €2,848, which is €475 per night. For a room with sea view 2857 and at 3 stars the price per night is 476 euros.

In Santorini, 6 nights for a couple will cost 1308 euros, that is, each night 218 euros, for a room with a sea view in a five-star hotel 6 nights – 1749. In a four-star room, where in addition to beds there is also a sofa, the price is 3 stars goes up to 1,428 per night, that is 238 per night.

In Halkidiki, prices compete with the islands. In a three-star hotel, a room costs 1,683 for six nights, a night for a couple will cost 280 euros, in a four-star hotel – 1,427 euros for six nights (237 euros per night), and in more expensive five-star hotels – 1,609 euros, 268 per night.

So prices per night range from 250 euros to almost 2,000 euros, depending on what you choose. However, fewer stars does not necessarily mean a lower price, since a five-star hotel can be cheaper than a three- or four-star one.

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