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Adjustment of the final decision of the peace summit (video)

Problematic provisions of the final document of the peace summit to be held in Switzerland, which could have undesirable consequences for Ukraine, have been corrected.

How told “European Truth”, all capitals of participating countries summit On May 28, they received a compromise version of the final communiqué of the summit, which was previously discussed with representatives of Kyiv. However the original project carried certain dangers for Ukraine.

The key ideas for which the summit meeting was organized in principle were purged from it. The day after the publication, June 6, Kyiv was forced to issue public communications that “Ukraine will not deviate from the Peace Formula.”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky made a number of statements, including on Tuesday in Berlin, about the inadmissibility of departure from the “peace formula.” It's already June 9 Switzerland sent out to everyone participating countries new draft joint communiquéwhere she unexpectedly retreated from many of the positions she had been promoting.

In the original draft resolution of the summit there was not a single mention of the word “aggression,” but now the text speaks of “aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.” The previous draft decision proposed by the Swiss created a legal window in order, if necessary, to include Ukraine’s renunciation of part of its territory into the conditions of “sustainable peace with the Russian Federation.”

This draft clearly states that the basis for sustainable peace will only be “a solution that will be based on the principle of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states.”

One more the key problem of the original project was the “blurred” meaning of the “peace formula”, leaving space open for international discussion of all alternative visions of the world. For example, the Chinese-Brazilian one, which provides for stopping the strengthening of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and stopping hostilities. The new wording says that only peace proposals that:

  1. comply with international law – that is unconditional return of the 1991 bordersunless Ukraine itself revises them;
  2. comply with the UN Charter – in particular, the unconditional right of Ukraine to continue to repel Russian aggression and liberate the occupied territories.

In the new draft, the Swiss agreed not to mention Russia at all in the provision on peace negotiations, instead talking about “all parties.” Now there is no weakened demand for “confidence-building measures”, but instead “concrete actions”. And most importantly – Removed references to a “second peace summit” that hinted at a commitment to invite Russia to participate.

The project is not final yet, there is a possibility of spot changes on June 13-14. However, the publication’s sources are inclined to believe that the updated ideology of the decision will remain.

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