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Disappearances of tourists in Greece: two dead and five missing in a few days

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In recent days, successive disappearances of tourists have raised questions about the circumstances under which they occurred.

All the cases have one thing in common: they involve tourists who come to Greece on holiday and, it seems, often do not return. First on Simi missing British BBC presenter, who was found dead a few days later. This was followed by the disappearance of an American tourist on Amorgos, who was only found on Friday 14 June.

During June, seven disappearances were recorded; unfortunately, two of them ended tragically, as those involved were found dead. List of missing:

  • Michael Mosley, 67-year-old BBC presenter: he disappeared on June 5th in Symi and found dead June 9.
  • 74 year old Dutchman: went missing on June 9 in Samos – not found.
  • Eric Kalibet, 59 years old, USA: went missing on June 11 on Amorgos – not found.
  • 55-year-old man from the USA: went missing on June 11 in Corfu from Matraki – he was not found.
  • 80 year old Belgian: He went missing on June 13 in Crete and was found dead on June 13.
  • Israeli couple: disappeared in Vitin.

The common denominator in the above mentioned disappearances is that they are all tourists who may not be used to the temperatures that Greece has been experiencing in recent days due to the heat wave. It seems that some people are ignoring the dangers of hot weather by going on hikes.

Authorities in each region and island are exploring all possibilities as foul play cannot be ruled out in the case of the 59-year-old man on Amorgos, a spokeswoman said this morning EL.AS Constance Dimoglidou:

When you have an electronic device, it is easier and faster to find a person. In some cases, it doesn't help us, as in the case of Amorgos, that this person doesn't answer the phone from the first moment the police call him. Unfortunately, mobile phone companies have given us a very broad and difficult path to find it.

In this part there is vegetation, there are ravines. A criminal case cannot be ruled out until the person is found and we see what condition he is in, as was the case with Simi. In the case of Amorgos, we had an immediate mobilization, they also came from neighboring islands. The director general of the police himself is now on the island and, together with the police, is conducting a search.”

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