July 19, 2024

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The owner of a garden with a synthetic lawn was fined 1,028 euros

An employee of the municipality of Halandri, who undertook to check whether there were any unharvested areas in the area, imposed a fine of 1028.11 euros on a garden with… a synthetic lawn and a small vegetable garden where the owner grew lettuce.

From the very adoption of the bill, our publication wrote that real estate fire protection law will turn into a farce and tragedy, and pursues other goals aimed at impoverishing the owners.

The above-mentioned complaint was filed on a well-known website by Ioanna Tauzi, the owner of a plot on Prophet Elijah Street in Agia Paraskevi, where, according to other evidence, “unrefined” numerous fines were imposed. Photographic evidence confirms the content of the objection to the fine that she filed with the municipality of Halandri.

A small garden of about 40 sq. m on her property borders a cattle pen, is covered with stone slabs, cement and synthetic turf, and the vegetation visible in the photographs (trees) belongs to the neighboring property of another owner. The inspector apparently didn't like the synthetic turf and declared it a fire hazard. As a result, the owner of the plot was issued a fine in the amount of 1028.11 euros

We remind you that by decision of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, on the platform of the National Register of Compliance with Preventive Fire Protection Measures, which is located at akatharista.apps.gov.gr, and on the website of the Ministry civilprotection.gov.gr, citizens have been granted an extension until June 30 to declare the clearing of land and uncovered areas of your property. The cleaning process includes:

  • Trimming and removing dead and broken trees and branches, as well as branches that are in direct contact with the building.
  • Removal of flammable plant material on the ground surface, such as but not limited to leaf litter, dead grass and overhanging dead branches.
  • Removing the base of the tree crown and increasing the height of the crown from the ground surface, depending on the age and species of the tree.
  • Thinning of shrubs in terms of soil cover.
  • Removal of any other abandoned burners, flammable, explosive or combustible materials, objects and debris.
  • Safe collection and transportation of all collected waste.

Failure to submit an application to the electronic register entails a fine of 1,000 euros. The manner of its imposition, the manner of collection and any other related issues will be determined by a joint decision (JMD) of the Ministers of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, National Economy and Finance, and the Interior.

Submission of false statements in the register about compliance with the obligation to clean and maintain it is punishable by imprisonment for a term of at least two years and large fines.

PS Himself law, in essence, is correct, but the methods of its implementation proposed by the authorities leave much to be desired. Moreover, according to the Ombudsman's report, the law is unconstitutional and unenforceableand results in additional financial burdens for Greek residents.

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