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Houthi attack on Greek-owned ship in the Red Sea

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for a naval drone attack on a Greek merchant ship in the Red Sea.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening, June 12. In a statement, the Houthis confirmed that they carried out a “military operation against the Tutor ship in the Red Sea using naval drones, aerial drones and ballistic missiles.” The ship carrying coal was seriously damaged and may sink., writes Greek edition newsbeast.gr.

Earlier, two British maritime safety companies said a merchant ship issued a distress signal yesterday after it went down in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. The ship was attacked about 68 nautical miles southwest of the Houthi-held port of Hodaydah in western Yemen.

In a statement, Ambri said the ship “fits the profile of targets (typically chosen) by the Houthis,” without elaborating. Another maritime security company, UKMTO, said the Tutor, a Liberian-flagged cargo ship, was hit by a “white unmanned surface vessel (USV) between five and seven meters in length.”

The ship “has taken on water and is no longer under crew control,” the same source added, citing the ship's captain, explaining that the engine room was damaged. It is specified that The Tutor “received a second strike from an unknown type of air missile” and is being assisted by warships in the area.

According to information previously released by the Greek Coast Guard, none of the crew members were injured. There are no Greeks among the crew members. According to the same source, it is possible that the cargo ship will need to be towed to a safe port.

The US military has confirmed that the Houthis in Yemen damaged the Greek cargo ship Tutor, which was damaged by an unmanned boat and filling with water. The message emphasized that the ship had recently been in Russia, but did not specify what kind of cargo it had taken. In addition, the US military said it destroyed three missile launchers in Yemen and intercepted a UAV launched into the Red Sea area.

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