July 20, 2024

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Too much "hot" exams

The halls of examination centers in the midst of abnormal heat resemble red-hot “furnaces”. Today's exam environment is extremely challenging. The unbearable heat in the classrooms during state exams is a violation. But why doesn't anyone complain?

Greek media report that “in many regions of the country, exams are being held in extreme heat.” In some educational institutions, event organizers claim that air conditioning is not provided and “you have to be patient.”

Residents of the capital's Ano Liosia district and one of Thessaloniki, parents of students, shared photos showing how thermometers went off scale, showing temperatures of about +40°C or more. They were forced to bring fans from home so that their children, at least in some “digestible” conditions, would have the opportunity to pass the exam well.

According to the ERT channel, the 5th secondary school in eastern Thessaloniki has been located in a preschool building for at least 10 years. None of the “classrooms” (which are essentially just rooms) have air conditioning, and most don't even have fans. However, in some cases, the initiative was taken by the leadership of the secondary school, which advised parents to bring fans from home so that schoolchildren could pass today's exam and show better results.

The same thing happened in the 2nd school of the Ano Liosion district. As the parents wrote on Facebook, they were driven by “love for children, concern for them.” Parents were forced “on their own initiative to immediately and promptly assemble cooling devices of all types and types in order to make the conditions for conducting national examinations as easy as possible due to weather conditions.”

“The school heads clearly did not ‘read’ the ministry’s circular,” the parents harshly commented on the situation.

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