July 19, 2024

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Northern Athens factory explosion: Authorities warn of toxic cloud

An explosion occurred at the plant in the suburb of Kato Kifisia in northern Athens early on Wednesday morning. Authorities are warning residents to stay home due to a possible toxic cloud.

According to reports, the explosion occurred at the PAL Palamidis stainless steel pans and utensils factory, located at 9 Egidon Street in Panorama Kifissia. The owner of the company is the husband of former Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga.

Due to the fire, traffic was stopped on Seneca Street and Egidon Street. The fire service was immediately mobilized. 42 firefighters with 14 vehicles were sent to the scene.

Civil protection sent SMS messages to residents via the <112> alert line.


“Smoke is moving toward your neighborhood. Stay indoors, close doors and windows. Follow government guidelines.”– the message says.

The traffic police stopped the traffic on Kifisia, on the side road of the Athens-Lamia National Road from the heights of the Kaliftaki intersection towards Athens. Traffic was also stopped on Egidon Street, where the factory is located.

According to Ms. Gaga's statements to Alpha, there were no victims in the traps. This is a factory owned by PAL SA, a company called Palamides SA, owned by Vasilis Palamidis, the husband of former minister Mina Gaga.

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