July 16, 2024

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Crete: “Rescuer attacked first,” says lawyer for two foreigners accused of beating

Two foreigners arrested following the death of a 20-year-old lifeguard on Kalyves beach in Apokoronas, Crete, are due to testify on Friday.

According to creta24.gr, a criminal case has been opened against them for complicity in causing grievous bodily harm leading to the death of the victim. According to the lawyer for the two defendants, the young men did not tell the prosecutor a specific reason why they fought with the young man, but only talked about some initial quarrel that escalated.

“Eyewitnesses confirm that the deceased was the one who attacked first. He does not have any injuries attributed to the accused. We are awaiting the forensic report and the collection of evidence such as witness statements and video recordings.”, Dermanakis said. He claims that the young man himself could have been injured by hitting two young men, which led to his tragic death.

“The whole picture is that the deceased, and it is no coincidence that I call him the deceased and not the victim, violently attacked the accused, inflicting very dangerous blows on him. I believe that one of these blows, which he inflicted on one of the accused with his head, could have caused his self-harm and subsequent death,” – he said.

Let us recall that the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when a guy got into an argument with a group of 5 people in Kalyves, the central point of a village near Chania. Due to the fight that followed the argument, he lost consciousness and was taken by ambulance to the General Hospital of Chania.

Despite the doctors' efforts to bring him back to life, the young man died. Residents of the area reported that the loss of consciousness was preceded by a fight and heated argument with other youths in the area.

Initially, three friends of the 24-year-old guy were brought to court – a 19-year-old Romanian, a 28-year-old Georgian and an 18-year-old Bulgarian, who were released as their involvement in the incident was not established.

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