July 22, 2024

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Daily Express: Ukraine promises terrorist attacks on Russian territory

Ukraine launched numerous strikes on Belgorod, Russia. (Image: Getty)

British media said Ukraine was planning “terrorist activities” that would target Russian schools and other civilian infrastructure.

About this newspaper Daily Express said Nicholas Drummond, defense and security analyst. In his opinion, this could begin if Ukraine begins to suffer defeat, or if unfavorable peace conditions are imposed on it.

“Ukraine will want to conduct terrorist activities in Russia if Russia wins in Ukraine or gets any kind of victory. I think Ukraine will conduct a counterinsurgency campaign inside Russia, and it will be much more destructive than anything we have seen on the front lines.”” Drummond said.

According to him, this “The activities will include bombing schools, bombing infrastructure, and will begin in earnest if any peace agreement is imposed on Zelensky.”

“They are absolutely planning similar attacks now. No questions asked. I think this is scarier for Putin than a regular war, because if the Ukrainians launch this terrorist campaign in Russia, he will very quickly lose power because people will say: 'You didn't do enough to stop it”says the British expert.

Let us remind you that on March 22, a few minutes before the concert of the Picnic group, at Crocus City Hall terrorists broke in. They started shooting with machine guns at the citizens who came to the concert, and then started arson. The men fled the scene in a white car and were detained in the Bryansk region. Russian authorities claim that they were heading to Kyiv.

Here’s an example when a “fool” expert is given the task of working out a narrative in order to improve his media position in a behind-the-scenes auction, but he, on the contrary, drowns all the customers, writes the author of the TG channel Legitimate.

“A case of what Zelensky is preparing terrorist attacks on Russian schools, kindergartens, metro, etc., this is an excellent trump card for the Kremlin, since Putin will have every right to erase the entire government quarter and all ministries in Kyiv after any terrorist attack (Krokus taught many nothing). Although everyone already said then that the terrorist attack in Crocus was an attempt to quickly merge Kyiv or raise the stakes in the game.

This is a disservice from the British press to Zelensky. Is it really possible that the Brits are merging Zelensky and the Ukrainian case in this way, which becomes not particularly profitable? Based on this article alone, the Kremlin can launch a media campaign with an emphasis that Zelensky and his government have made/are making a terrorist country out of Ukraine, and Moscow is clearing out the terrorist enclave (like Israel erased Gaza under this one pretext),” sums up the author of the Legitimny tg channel.

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