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D. Bakoyanni: “Let’s not cancel the imputed income measure for freelancers”

During a television interview on Tuesday morning (11/6), New Democracy MP Dora Bakoyanni stressed that it would be a mistake to abolish imputed income for freelancers.

In fact, she made the argument that “with 60 billion in tax evasion, everyone who declares their salary is subject to discrimination, this is unacceptable in any modern democratic society.”on stated:

If you go to France you will fall into despair, and the same thing happens in Germany. There is a problem, a big part of which is Greece's lack of competitiveness. The Competition Commission needs to be immediately reinforced with senior leaders to get the job done. This is a decision made by the government. Don't forget that we went through a pandemic that disrupted the global market and then entered an energy crisis. Ships bringing products from China have tripled tariffs“.

At the same time, commenting on the results of the European elections, she noted the low turnout, which is explained by many reasons, noting that “There are those who didn’t care, there are those who deliberately did not go and wanted to send a signal, and others who said: “Guys, it’s time to get down to business.”

“Let’s not lie, every government has its “weeds.” In the government apparatus there are people who are appointed to their positions, for example, general secretaries. They are responsible and subject to evaluation for their work, even if they were not elected by public vote. The Prime Minister will look into all this and act accordingly“.

Answering a question about reshuffle scenarios, she emphasized that it would be “It is a huge mistake to succumb to logic – I am making changes to give a political signal.” New Democracy has already done this in the past, under Samaras, and it cost us dearly,” – she added:

“The government was elected with a mandate to implement a specific program. The problem is not left or right, but confronting the deep state that continues to exist. Of course, there is no magic button to change this, it takes work.”

Finally, Bakoyanni did not fail to mention other opposition leaders, noting that “Kasselakis and Androulakis should be concerned about the election results. And we should be concerned too. The message was therefore disapproving of the entire political makeup and it would be a mistake to think that we conveyed to the world the importance of the European elections.”

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