July 13, 2024

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A fire engulfed a forested area in Drosopigi Oropou

Firefighters are battling a fire that engulfed a forested area in Drosopighi in the Oropou Attica municipality, which broke out earlier today (5/6) morning.

To extinguish the fire, 34 firefighters with 1 foot squad, 11 vehicles, 2 A/F and 2 E/P, volunteer firefighters and water carriers were mobilized OTA. In connection with the fire, the traffic police directed traffic along the following routes:

Kryoneri and Kolokotronis streets, vehicle traffic in the direction of Kolokotronis street is prohibited
From the village of Drosopigi to Kryoneri
From Kryoneri Avenue and Lefki Avenue, vehicles do not move towards Lefki Street
From Kolokotroni and Lefki to the Holy Monastery of Kosmosotiris.

Experts suggest that the summer of 2024 will be particularly dangerous due to low rainfall and high temperatures.

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