July 16, 2024

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A police officer undergoes emergency surgery after an attack in Mannheim

This morning, in the central square of Mannheim, an unknown person attacked with a knife the politician and blogger Michael Stürzenberger, known for his criticism of Islam.

“It was not even an attack, but a terrorist act. Everything happened before the event began; the criminal planned everything in advance. Criticism of religion must be allowed, it is a fundamental element of European enlightenment,” Stephanie Kizina, a spokeswoman for the Pax Europa movement, which also includes Stürzenberger, told BILD.

The politician gave a speech at the rally and planned, according to his associates, to engage in “educational work” until the evening. At his stand, German and Israeli flags fluttered, and there was also a banner reading “Stop Political Islam.”

After attacker wounded Stürzenberger, passersby knocked him to the ground, but he was able to get up and plunged a knife into the neck of one of the police officers who arrived at the scene. Seconds later, another officer shot and killed the gunman.

“This brutal crime shocked and shocked us, leaving us speechless. Our thoughts are with the officers and other victims. Now it is important not to speculate, but to wait for the results of the investigation,” said Mannheim Mayor Christian Specht.

According to police, a total of three people were injured. All of them are hospitalized. Doctors are fighting for the life of a police officer who was attacked: he is undergoing emergency surgery.

“Stuerzenberger was stabbed in the leg and face and is undergoing emergency surgery. Obviously, his life is not in danger. This is the second serious attack on him. In 2022, a Muslim hit him in the face in Bonn,” Stephanie Kizina told BILD.

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