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The most stable small cities in the world: Greek cities also included in the ranking

A new Compare the Market AU report analyzes dining, entertainment, safety scores and more to reveal the world's best small cities to live in.

Telecommuting allows people to move to slower-paced cities that better suit their lifestyle, but which small cities in the world are the most livable? The Compare the Market AU team identified the best based on seven factors, including number of restaurants, unemployment rate, number of rainy days, health index, rating and safety level, and “overall cost of living.”

Paphos in Cyprus was in first place with a score of 5495 out of 7, and the top three were completed by Spanish Arrecife (4717) and Italian Trapani (4622).


In first place are:

1. Situated on the southern coast of Cyprus, next to the Mediterranean Sea, Paphos is considered the most livable small town and for good reason. With 500 restaurants on our list, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to classic Cypriot dishes such as souvlaki, fried halloumi and heliopita (olive bread). Paphos also has the sixth lowest number of rainy days (around 70), meaning it has “good weather all year round”.

2. Lanzarote Island (Canary Islands). In second place is the resort of Arrecife with the fewest rainy days – only 23 per year. The capital of the island is home to 57,000 inhabitants. Here is the beautiful Charco San Gines lagoon, fringed by palm trees, ideal for strolls and lunches.

3. In third place is Trapani, located on the western coast of Sicily. With 284 restaurants in the area (sixth on our list), you'll have plenty of opportunities to eat out. Another great thing about Trapani is that it is only an hour and a half drive from the capital of Sicily, Palermo.

Ioannina (Greece) is in 22nd place in the ranking with 233 restaurants. Unemployment rate 11%, 125 rainy days a year. Xanthi ranks 44th with 81 restaurants, a safety index of 53.3 and a final score of 3.03.

Overall, European cities dominate the list. Grande Prairie, Canada, is the only non-European city in the top 10 with a score of 4,295. Located in northern Alberta, the city has a winter temperature of -19 degrees Celsius, hence the 16 entertainment venues, so you can go ice skating on the frozen lake at Muscoseepee Park or Montrose Oval, or grab your snowshoes and head to Saskatoon Island.

Commenting on the research, Stephen Zeller, managing director of finance at Compare the Market AU, says: “Living in small towns has many benefits, including a slower pace of life, easy access to nature, and cheaper housing. They are in less demand among visitors. So not only are everyday items like coffee and food cheaper, but real estate tends to be cheaper too, meaning you can spend less on your home purchase.”

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