July 16, 2024

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Klarna survey: 94% of Greeks plan to go on holiday this summer

As the summer holiday season approaches, Klarna, using artificial intelligence, has released the results of its new Travel Report, revealing the trends and plans of Greek consumers for summer holidays this year.

According to a Klarna survey, 94% of Greek consumers intend to go on holiday this summer, and 73% of them plan to do so without leaving the country. 11.9% will travel to a neighboring country, and 17.8% to a country in Europe. Only 7.5% intend to take a long trip to another continent.

When asked who they would go on vacation with, 49.2% answered that they were planning to go on vacation with the whole family. Among Gen Z green consumers (ages 18-25), more than half (59.4%) said they would go on vacation with friends, while the majority of millennials (ages 26-41) plan to travel with your partner.

The main reasons why Greeks travel are relaxation (78.7%), discovering new places and experiencing culture (55.8%). In addition, 54.8% of survey respondents want to spend time with family and friends on vacation, and 54% expect socialization and entertainment from their trip.

According to the survey results, a significant percentage of Greek travelers get ideas from friends (62.1%) and travel blogs/websites (61%) to choose their summer holiday destination. Other popular sources of inspiration include recommendations from family members (49%) and social media (40%).

Rising prices for accommodation and travel costs (42.7%) are the biggest difficulty faced by most Greek travelers. Rising prices are followed by accommodations that do not meet expectations or advertise (14.2%), highlighting the need for reliable booking options.

Greek travelers are ready to embrace new technologies and innovations powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which can change travel habits by helping them choose the most suitable, relevant destinations.

More than 4 in 10 consumers want to try artificial intelligence technology that plans more personalized travel itineraries. For 29.6% of Greeks, being able to visit a destination before traveling using virtual reality apps is particularly attractive. Price comparison tools play a key role in travel planning for the majority of consumers (78%).

The Klarna consumer survey was conducted in collaboration with research firm Dynata in 10 countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and US). The survey was conducted in April 2024 and includes at least 1,000 respondents in each country. A total of 11,231 consumers participated. The sample is nationally representative and selected by research company Dynata.

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