July 22, 2024

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Greek and Chinese shipowners fight for leadership

According to cargo brokerage Xclusiv, China's order book stands at 544 applications for four main categories of ships – bulk carriers, tankers, container ships and gas carriers.

Greece's order book trails closely behind with 525 orders. The company does not refer to its deadweight report (deadweight)where the Greeks usually excel because they focus on larger ships, while the Chinese build many small ships for service, including their own needs.

After all, comparing the existing fleets of the two directions, the Chinese have much more ships than the Greeks, but in terms of transport capacity (deadweight) our country surpasses them and remains the largest shipping nation in the world.

Japan is in third place with 435 orders, about 200 more than fourth-place Singapore. Also interesting, according to Xclusiv, is that a very large portion of Japanese orders (about 33%) are placed in Chinese shipyards (144 ships). At the same time, the Japanese are in the lead with a share of orders of 40% (173 out of 435). South Korean shipyards (81 ships) also claim a share of Japanese orders. In addition, the Tsuneishi Cebu shipyard (Philippines) has 21 orders for Japanese bulk carriers, and Huyndai in Vietnam has 16 orders for Japanese tankers.

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