July 16, 2024

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Disappointing forecast for the war in Europe

Former Secretary of State of the Latvian Ministry of Defense Janis Garisons shared his opinion on the developments in Ukraine and Europe’s participation in the war.

Europe can no longer avoid war, the expert believes. In his opinion, there are two probable options for its participation in the war against Russia: either still in Ukraine (sending military personnel to the conflict zone), or already on its territory. Garisons believes that Europe needs to outline its “red lines,” and if Russia violates them, then Europe will enter the war. Such “borders” writes BB.LV, could be:

  1. Russia's seizure of some major city in Ukraine;
  2. an attempt to attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus;
  3. the use of tactical nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The expert admitted that the nuclear blackmail undertaken by Moscow (the threat to use nuclear weapons) really turned out to be effective: the United States and European countries were really scared and for a long time did not dare to supply offensive weapons to Ukraine. This only increased the number of casualties and prolonged the war.

As BB.LV previously reported, Garisons quarreled with the current Minister of Defense A. Sprds and resigned in January of this year. Now he runs the State Real Estate Agency, and also acts as a military expert.

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