July 22, 2024

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Changes to the law on the installation of elevators in apartment buildings

The Ministry of Environment and Energy, with the help of a new bill, is introducing changes regarding elevators in apartment buildings.

The current law stipulates that some apartment buildings cannot install elevators, but this decision can now be made by a 51% majority of the owners. In particular, the bill states that:

“In legally existing buildings that do not have an elevator and were not required to have an elevator at the time of construction, it is permitted, notwithstanding the provisions of this law and the special building conditions of the area, to install an elevator or other mechanical means of covering differences in height and access areas, provided It is mandatory to prepare or update a building passport. For listed buildings and traditional settlements, the consent of the Council of Architecture is required.

If the adaptation of a building is mandatory, if the construction of an elevator or other mechanical means is required to overcome differences in height and space for access thereto, the construction of such means is mandatory without the consent of a majority of the co-owners at the expense of the obligated or obligated persons, notwithstanding any regulations and standards, including building norms and rules.

If adaptation of the building is not necessary, the construction of an elevator can be carried out without majority consent co-owners by decision of the Central Accessibility Committee, taken at the request of the interested party, accompanied by a certified invitation to the Central Accessibility Committee to express the views of the other co-owners.

Likewise, in legally existing residential buildings that do not provide accessibility for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, it is permitted, notwithstanding any statute or regulation, including the Condominium Rules, to install a device (a ramp or access ramp) to provide such persons with access from the sidewalk to open common areas. zones, as well as to other internal common areas of the ground floor and other floors above/below, if they reside as owners or tenants in the above buildings, subject to the necessary conditions for ensuring the safety of users, drawing up or updating a building certificate and covering the costs of construction by interested parties .

The installation of an elevator to overcome height differences greater than one floor is based on a technical study and in terms of dimensions is in accordance with technical recommendations for adaptation of existing buildings and infrastructure, and in terms of installation, licensing and maintenance procedures the same procedures apply as for elevators and require minutes of the general meeting of an apartment building with a majority of 51% of all votes.”

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