July 14, 2024

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Fire in Μέγαρο Μαξίμου, 24 firefighters on 7 engines are working on the scene (video)

On Saturday January 20, at 06:10 am, a fire broke out in the basement of Megaros Maximos. Right now, firefighters are called out and trying to control the fire.

According to the original information, a fire broke out in the basement of the building, apparently due to a short circuit in the electrical wiring. While putting out the fire, writes CNN Greece, 24 firefighters are working on 7 vehicles, 2 special armored vehicles have been mobilized. According to the fire department in X, the fire is raging in the adjacent area of ​​the first floor of a building on Attikou Street in Athens. Half an hour after the fire, it was brought under control.

The fire broke out in a warehouse, an auxiliary building, and not in the Maximos building, fire brigade spokesman Yiannis Artofios later said. There was no threat to Maximos Palace security personnel. The Minister for the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, arrived at the scene.

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