July 16, 2024

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The weather in Greece "gone mad": air temperature from -10°С to +20°С

Sunday turned out to be the coldest day of the winter: the air temperature was a record low – 10.7°C, despite the fact that the weather is gradually changing, the cold is receding. According to meteorologists, at the end of next week the temperature will rise to +20°C.

According to the relevant publication meteo.gr of the National Observatory of Athens, severe frost occurred in the morning hours of Sunday (14/01) in the northern continental parts, with the minimum temperature recorded in Nevrokopi -10.7°C.

Weather stations operating at ski resorts and mountain huts (not included in the table below) recorded even lower temperatures, with the absolute minimum of stations in the network recorded at Sessi Parnassus -12.9°C.

In the town of Vlasti (Kozani) -10.5°C was recorded, in Nevrokopi -10.3°C, in Peritori Nevrokopi -9.6°C, in Kilyada (Kozani) -9.5°C, and in Neo Kavkaso – 9.2°C.

From the beginning of the week we will see a completely different weather scenario, since on Friday (19/01) in some areas of our country the thermometer will rise to +20°C. In the main news broadcast on the MEGA channel, aired on Saturday (13/01), frost and snow, according to meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos, will actually “become a thing of the past.” On Monday (15/01) the wind will change to the south and the temperature will gradually increase throughout the week, reaching +20°C by the end of the week.

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