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Never burn these things in the fireplace

When heating a house with a fireplace, many people burn materials in it that pose a serious threat to health and can cause a fire. Experts warn: never throw the following things into the fireplace that pose a danger:

Varnished or melamine* wood When burned, it releases dangerous toxic substances into the air. By throwing it into the fireplace, you are, at a minimum, polluting the atmosphere. In the worst case, you are exposed serious risk poisoning from inhalation of dangerous vapors.

Cardboard from boxes It ignites quickly and many people use it for kindling. This is wrong because it is chemically processed and releases toxic substances into the air.

Should not be used special liquid or gasoline for starting a fire in the fireplace. The chemicals they contain may release toxic gases. In addition, they create such an intense fire that it can destroy the fireplace surround.

Never use for kindling color glossy magazines or gift wrapping. The ink used to print them contains chemical pigments that release toxic fumes when burned.

Don’t burn wet firewood – they burn difficult and emit a lot of smoke, which will enter the interior of the house. And the combustion residues of wet wood stick to the walls of the chimney and block it, so there is a significant risk of fire.

Never use firewood from pine, fir and cedar – they can burn quickly and intensely, but the resins they contain leave a strong residue in the chimney and clog it.

Pallets – a simple and cheap, at first glance, solution to the availability of firewood. However, many pallets are treated with chemicals – the danger is obvious.

Burning garbage in the fireplace is far from the best solution. Most of its components are chemically treated, and an unpleasant odor will appear in the house.

The most common mistake is to add aroma to the fireplace by throwing fruit peel. Remember – it leaves a residue in the chimney.

Old T-shirts, rags and other fabrics lighting a fireplace will definitely leave behind an unpleasant odor and a lot of smoke.

Not suitable for use on fireplaces coal – it burns well, but emits large amounts of carbon monoxide, creating a high risk of poisoning.

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*Melamine boards consist of raw chipboard with resin-impregnated decorative paper glued to both sides. Heat and pressure activate the resin to effectively seal the substrate and produce cabinet doors.

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