December 1, 2023

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“Ξου ξου”: a mobile application created by a Greek helps to reliably get rid of cockroaches and mosquitoes

Living in London, 26-year-old Christ Apostolou from Greek Larissa has created an innovative mobile application that perfectly repels annoying mosquitoes and ubiquitous cockroaches.

“Ξου ξου” effectively replaces various tablets and sprays, reliably repelling insects, while using the novelty is completely free. You just need to type “ξου ξου” in Greek or Latin letters in the search engine and access the application.

Apostolu was told about the principle of its action: by pressing a button, a sound file is activated from the speaker of a mobile phone, but these sounds are not perceived by the human ear due to special frequencies. However, these frequencies are very annoying to mosquitoes and cockroaches. The application does not require an internet connection and operates on an area of ​​approximately 9 square meters. Annoying sound affects more than 60 types of insects. App efficiency is rated higher than 80%, according to the publication

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