September 27, 2023

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ΟΑΣΑ: ticket discounts

More and more public transport passengers in Athens are now choosing multi-route products (services) for their trips ΟΑΣΑwhich have significant discounts from the original ticket price.

Six out of ten “e-composting” tickets are discounted. It is indicative that the 10+1 route ticket shows an increased share of use (31%) in 2022 compared to 2021 (29%). A trend that continues in 2023.

An upward trend is recorded for all multi-route services that have more attractive selling prices per unit.

The cost of each individual route (ticket price):

  • one-time 1.20 euros – no discount.
  • 2x single ticket 2.30 euros, with a discount – 1.15 euros.
  • 5-time ticket 5.70 euros, with a discount – 1.14 euros.
  • 10+1 single ticket €12.00, discounted €1.09.

The product (service) of multiple trips comes with significant discounts. For example, a 10 + 1 ticket for several routes costs 12 euros compared to 13.2 euros (benefit 1.2 euros), a one-way ticket for 5 routes costs 5.7 euros compared to 6 euros (benefit 0.3 euros) , and a return ticket costs 2.3 euros, compared to 2.4 euros (0.1 euro benefit). A 30-day pass costs 27 euros and an annual card costs 300 euros.

The use of an ATH.ENA card, as well as an ATH.ENA ticket, gives its owner the possibility of replenishing the account. In this way, the passenger moves faster, limiting plastic or paper waste.

A noticeable increase in passenger interest was recorded in the market of “mobile products, services” and the purchase of tickets via the Internet. New user-friendly website environment OASA ( gains recognition from passengers with enhanced information and online shopping options. In particular, the Internet shows the largest revenue growth of all other sales channels: a 92.6% increase in 2022 compared to 2021.

The dominant products in online transactions are the 30-day ATH.ENA card at 23.9%, followed by the 10+1 multi-route ticket at 20.8%.

The attractiveness of multi-route products that come with significant discounts, as well as the growth of OASA’s online sales, show that the passenger public is now ready to take advantage of the digital services provided by the agency, choosing the right travel product according to their needs, said Georgios Spiliopoulos, OASA Managing Director. “We offer many options both for those who use public transport every day, and for those who use our services from time to time. Of course the benefit is proportional. The base price of €1.2 drops to €1.09 for 10+1 tickets and reaches €0.82 per day for an annual card. At the same time we working to expand available digital services and invest in new technologies”, added Mr. Spiliopulos.

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