December 1, 2023

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This one needs to live, but this one doesn’t need to: ND candidate proposes “sorting” of terminally ill patients

Ingenious in its radical solution to the problem in the Greek healthcare system was proposed by the New Democracy candidate and professor of medicine Spyros Pnevmatikos.

He proposed triaging terminal cancer patients according to the logic of “cost-benefit ratio”. The fact is that patients in this category are a heavy financial burden for the state and the national health care system, the candidate for parliament from the New Democracy believes.

Pneumaticos – irony: in Greek means “spiritual” – made an openly cynical statement aimed at reducing the number of patients in hospitals, during an interview Skai FM on Thursday.

The Evia candidate went so far as to call his proposal “humane”. “A terminal cancer patient is not mandatory… he will not survive, he has a poor prognosis, at some point we have to draw a line. Why? Because it is very difficult to cope with the expenses needed for other people,” he said. To reinforce his point, he gave the example of America, where he says there is a cost-benefit ratio where social security is not mandatory, as in Greece.

“We need to see the assessment of actions. How many of these activities that we do every day are necessary? That is, the costs of enormous proportions can be made if we limit some of the things that do not need to be done. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love a sick person if we come and tell him, “There’s no point in doing this for you.” A cancer patient in the terminal stage is not necessary … He will not survive, he has a poor prognosis, at some point we must draw a line. Why? Because it is very difficult to cope with the expenses necessary for fellowship with others. There is a moment when you have no reason to do anything else. Someone will tell me that the good God decided otherwise. But it’s actually true, but what will happen in the end?” the obviously God-fearing and believing politician and doctor dared to say.

Thank God, the “kind-hearted” doctor who won 14,000 votes in the May 21 elections is not an oncologist, but an orthopedic surgeon.

Is this the new, “better healthcare system” that ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis promises in all his campaign speeches to the public? After outrage and intervention from party leadership, Pneumaticos issued a “clarifying statement” later Thursday, saying that his statements about terminal cancer patients were “distorted and published in isolation from the wider context”, blah blah blah. He also apologized, saying, “Sorry if some of my words have left room for misinterpretation.”

According to the TV channel ΣΚΑΙprior to his “clarification” he contacted a close aide of Kyriakos Mitsotax, Pavlos Marinakis, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the ND candidate.

Mismanagement, bribery and the lack of an effective cost control mechanism are chronic problems for public hospitals in Greece.

If you don’t start by treating these problems in order to control your budgets, you will have to do euthanasia, as is already being done in Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Belgium.

Instead of creating palliative care accessible to all, the authorities prefer to “save the budget” by forcing people with disabilities and below the poverty line to leave their lives. It’s easier and more profitable. Questions of profit take precedence over questions of morality…

Euthanasia law was passed in Canada in 2016. At first, suicide by injection was offered to those who suffer from an incurable disease and experience great physical suffering, such as people with an incurable form of cancer.

Five years later, on March 17, 2021, the revised law came into force – the list was expanded. Physicians are now allowed to terminate the lives of people with disabilities or chronic conditions that are not fatal at their request. Even if the patient could live for years with proper treatment.

In 2022, a new version of the law on access to the “service” of people with mental disorders, another poorest group of the population, was adopted. This shocked the professional community of psychiatrists in Canada. Psychiatrists have traditionally done and are doing everything they can to stop suicide. And now they will have to contribute to this?

It is openly discussed in the country’s parliament that the law has already saved the treasury almost $88 million a year. After amendments to the budget, an additional $62 million per year is expected. Treatment is expensive, and assisted suicide costs the taxpayer only $2,327 per “case.”

PS It seems to me that the professor’s statement was not accidental. So in the “New Democracy” they check the reaction of society to such measures. After all, even in a nightmare, no one could imagine what tough quarantine measures could be in “freedom-loving” Greece. However, society, with the help of paid media, was able to convince that this is good and right.

The Overton Window method is well known to modern politicians. This means that the population will also be convinced that euthanasia is a benefit for the health care system (NHS), which was literally torn apart during the years of the pandemic.

The results of the ND’s work with medicine are clearly visible in the situation with the “ambulance”, which clearly showed itself in recent days, when 3 people died due to a lack of vehicles and (or) teams.

Rulers who live in their own, different world, do not know the troubles and sufferings of their people, and do not consider it necessary to take care of the people, perceiving them only as a source for pumping money. This means that the poor and the sick must die so that no money is spent on them. Be careful when you vote.

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