December 1, 2023

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"Communication ban": drug dealers "getting younger"

Four underage schoolchildren from Larisa were arrested for selling hashish.

A restrictive condition on the prohibition of social interaction between them in any form, from personal meetings to communication by phone, was imposed yesterday, Thursday 8/06, on four students from Larissa. Given restrictive condition is rarely used. It is considered unprecedented for the region to detain underage schoolchildren (three of them are high school students, the fourth is an EPAL student of Larisa) with such a large amount of cannabis, and even prosecuted for drug trafficking (complicity).

According to the local newspaper “Ελευθερία”, they were detained on the fact of transporting a backpack containing hashish with a total weight of 677.9 grams and, in particular, a nylon bag with raw hemp weighing 532.1 grams, as well as a second nylon bag with raw hemp with a total weight of 145.8 grams, divided into 103 ” cigarettes” (from 0.8 grams to 1.5 grams).

The unprecedented case of the detention of schoolchildren is alarming and at the same time confirms the scale that the use of narcotic drugs among minors has acquired.

The students, after spending two nights in the police, surrounded by their parents, who were present at their side during these difficult hours, are released subject to two restrictive conditions. The first concerns the ban on communication between them in any form, and the second, also a strict condition, concerns the transfer of them to the service of guardianship and social protection of minors Larisa.

They were detained by officers of the Narcotics Department of the Larissa sub-department of security in the case of a backpack left inside an Internet cafe in the center of Larisa. The backpack, which “it was determined that the four perpetrators had left there with the aim of transferring ‘goods’,” the Greek police said in a statement. The backpack was supposed to be picked up later, according to the police, by a third party.

According to the newspaper “Ελευθερία”, some of the detainees allegedly stated that they received a backpack from strangers in ΔΕΥΑΛ and took it to an Internet cafe. At the same time, some of the detainees denied the accusations, saying that they did not know about the contents of the backpack. Students released yesterday afternoon, 8/06.

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