December 7, 2023

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Greece and Hungary will support the 11th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation in exchange for Kiev fulfilling their conditions

The eleventh package of sanctions against Russia is still blocked by Hungary and Greece. Their demand remains in force: Kyiv must remove from the “black list” a number of their companies cooperating with Moscow.

About it tells Politico, referring to information received from five European diplomats. The “unexpected pair” of allies decided to seize the moment and cross out some of the Hungarian and Greek companies that ended up on the Ukrainian list of “sponsors of hostilities.”

Athens argues that the consequences of including some Greek companies on this list are severe, although EU and cannot fully appreciate it. In addition, they did not violate the sanctions already imposed against the Russian Federation. Politico in this regard recalls that previous packages were aimed at weakening Russia’s ability to finance hostilities, and the new one mainly contains measures to combat the circumvention of existing sanctions.

Some EU member states, including France and Germany, are concerned about the ban on circumvention of sanctions, “because they fear that it could harm diplomatic relations.” Therefore, the European Commission has already softened its initial proposals and, according to one of the diplomats, the issue now seems “solid”.

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