September 30, 2023

Athens News

News in English from Greece Ukrainians blew up the Kakhovka dam – they flood Kherson and cut off the water supply to Crimea

Kyiv blew up the Kakhovka dam, as a result of which the water supply to the Crimean peninsula will be cut off, and most of the Kherson region will be flooded, writes Theophrastos Andreopoulos, editor of the popular Greek publication

“This is an attack on the political infrastructure, and the Russian population of Crimea will be the victim. However, shortly after that, Kiev claimed that the Russians had destroyed the dam and denied that they had blown it up. The network has already published the first video from the damaged dam“, writes

“Apparently the goal of the Ukrainians was to flood the defensive positions of the Russians in the Kherson region. Dozens of cities and towns in the region will also be flooded.

The Ukrainian company Ukrhydroenergo reported that the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station was completely destroyed and could not be repaired.

Ukrainians will be able to break through to the left bank of the Dnieper, and then to the Crimea within the next 72 hours, when the water recedes from the flooded territories. The evacuation of villages and settlements has already begun, consider in

The map shows how Crimea was supplied with water from the Kakhovka dam.

And in the meantime, to swans came to the flooded palace of culture in Novaya Kakhovka. The recording shows how two birds calmly swim past the entrance to the flooded building – the water level reaches the door handles of the palace.

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