December 7, 2023

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Lifeguard brings 6-year-old girl back to life after drowning in hotel pool

According to a report by the World Health Organization, every hour in the world people die from drowning. about 40 people. Are most at risk of drowning Small children.

Died from drowning in 2019 236,000 people making drowning one of the world’s major public health problems. Drowning is the third leading cause of death from unintentional injury, accounting for 7% of all deaths, associated with trauma. The 2014 Global Report on Drowning found age to be a major risk factor. This connection is often associated with a lack of supervision. Worldwide The highest rates of drowning occur in children aged 1-4 years, followed by children aged 5-9 years.

How the girl was saved in the pool: according to the newspaper “Γνώμη”, Alexis Vasilopoulos, a hotel employee (lifeguard), noticed the incident in time and immediately intervened, saving a little girl who escaped her mother’s attention and almost drowned. Describing the incident, the man states: “During my service, when I was on duty, I noticed that two children escaped the mother’s attention, as a result of which one ended up near the pool stairs leading to a depth of 1.40 m (which is not allowed for a child without swimming accessories) and the other is in an area where the depth is 1.80 m.

I kept my eyes on the children, I had a bad feeling. The youngest child, 6 years old, dived and … began to sink. He began to wave his arms, and at some point, when his head reached the surface, he made a muffled sound. Wasting no time, I rushed to the rescue by diving into the pool. I grabbed the child and pulled it to the surface. He was very scared…” said the rescuer, who also wants to publicly thank his instructor Vassilis Hatsopoulos.

The mother of the child sincerely thanked the rescuer, having listened to a lecture from him that children should not be left unattended, especially near the water.

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