September 30, 2023

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APU attack using French AMX-10RC tanks. Russian retreat

A heavy blow from French AMX-10RC light tanks (not Leopard-2A6s, as the Russians initially misreported) was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk region, near Vuhledar, over the past two hours.

The battle lasted for more than 12 hours, the Ukrainians attacked furiously and sent reinforcements to break through the Russian defenses. In the end, they succeeded, as the Russians retreated and, according to Russian military correspondents, are waiting for the arrival of reserves in order to regain lost ground. It is worth noting that, according to some reports, despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently gaining the upper hand in this area, the fighting is still ongoing.

The AMX-10 can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h on the highway and up to 60 km/h off-road. This allows the wheeled tank to move quickly across the battlefield and provide the necessary support to the infantry. The ability to fight at night should also be noted, as the AMX-10RC is equipped with infrared-illuminated night sights for combat operations in conditions of limited visibility.

For light tanks, firepower is a very important factor. The French armored personnel carrier is equipped with a powerful 105 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun, which allows it to fire effectively at armored and infantry targets.

The AMX-10RC is small, about 9m long (with cannon) and less than 2.8m high, allowing it to maneuver in confined spaces and engage in operations in mountainous areas. It is protected by armor with a thickness of 10 to 50 mm, providing protection against bullets of caliber up to 12.7 mm. Additional protection is provided by armor panels located on the sides of the carrier. In addition, the AMX-10RC is equipped with a smoke grenade system capable of protecting against guided anti-tank missiles.

The situation on the Vremievsky ledge as of 18:00 June 5, 2023
To the east of the Vremievsky ledge, the armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to dislodge Russian troops from Novodonetsk. During the offensive, Ukrainian formations used German Leopard tanks for the first time – now there are two Leopards and five AFVs in Novodonetsk.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are regrouping, as they suffered heavy losses in manpower. Also, Russian gunners destroyed 9 wheeled armored vehicles. To the west of Novodonetsk, about 10 pieces of equipment and 40-100 infantrymen stood in the forest belt.
In addition, the concentration of forces of the 37th Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy in the direction of Urozhayne was noted. Most likely, the enemy plans to attack the flank of the Russian grouping after the arrival of reserves.

Alexander Khodakovsky, deputy head of the DPR National Guard, said:The enemy managed to advance towards Novodonetsk, but paid a significant price: we destroyed about ten units of armored vehicles, including a tank, dozens were killed. In general, today the balance is in favor of the enemy, but he failed to penetrate deeply into our territory.”

Earlier, Russian sources, pointing to these footage, stated that these were German Leopard-2A6 tanks, but later it turned out that these were French AMX-10RC light tanks.

We’re relying on Rybar here, so the standard caveats for Russian military correspondents apply. Russian forces were reportedly driven out of Novodonetsk by Ukrainian forces using AMX-10RCs (the Russians misidentified them as Leo 2), indicating that the Ukrainian 37th Marine Brigade struck there.

There are reports of the return of the village of Neskuchnoye under the control of the Russian army. Actually, I repeat: in open areas, the tactics of rolling back from the front line and massive shelling, followed by the defeat of armored vehicles and manpower with a return to their previous positions, is a game that can be played together. Meanwhile, losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past two days are approximately estimated at up to 600 people killed and wounded. Losses of armored vehicles now exceed 50.

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