December 1, 2023

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Involvement of a pediatric cardiac surgeon in the deaths of 15 children is being investigated

A 60-year-old private pediatric surgeon practicing in Thessaloniki and Athens is suspected of being involved in the deaths of 15 young patients.

This story began on April 23, 2021, when the Greek Central Health Authority ΚΕΣΥ received its first complaint from concerned parents. In response to it, a special commission was set up to investigate, the activities of which were suspended at the beginning of this year, the investigation was slowed down.

And the reason for the complaint was the suspicions of parents who had lost their children. As it turned out, there was too much mortality among patients, and the doctor came up with a lot of excuses for unsuccessful operations. In some cases, he blamed faulty equipment or drugs not working properly. In other cases, he blamed his colleagues and medical staff. Moreover, he even blamed the parents for the deaths of his children, for not seeking medical help earlier.

The complaint of the parents of deceased children was joined by those whose children are alive, but suffer from serious health complications. A Greek pediatric cardiologist is suspected of being involved in the deaths of 15 or more children, and authorities are now conducting a reopened investigation.

The suspect is a 60-year-old cardiologist working in Athens and Thessaloniki. Now there are rumors that he is no longer in Greece. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, an international warrant may be issued for his arrest. The parent’s message says:

“The anger and resentment that we feel at seeing our children pass away no longer allows us to remain silent and inactive.”

The investigation has now resumed. The Departments of Justice and Police collected more than 40 testimonies from parents. Some parents who testified about the surgeon claimed that he was a “false messiah”. According to the statement of the parents, the mortality rate among the patients was unacceptably high. In one clinic, “20% of the children died,” while many of the survivors “never regained consciousness.”

A pediatric cardiac surgeon, who has not yet been named, is also accused of “raising large sums of money” through an allegedly non-profit charity. writes GreekReporter.

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