September 27, 2023

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The hottest regions in Greece

Do you want warm days both in summer and winter? See the hottest areas in Greece and see what real estate prices are in them.

Greece is a country known for its hot summers. It is no coincidence that this is one of the most popular summer destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. But apart from the summer months, Greece maintains a good temperature in most months of the year, even in winter. In addition, there are not so few years when many regions of the country celebrated the New Year not with snow, but with quite a bathing season.

If you are not a fan of the cold and prefer the sun to “bath” your house almost all year round, then it may be time to start thinking about finding a new home in the most perennially warm regions of the country.

So, let’s see which parts of Greece are on the list of the hottest regions, as well as how the average prices for renting and selling real estate in the same regions differ.

Which parts of the country are the warmest in winter?
Several cities are nominated as the hottest in Greece. Below you will find some of them, we have also collected some information about property prices, whether you are interested in buying or renting.

#1 Agrinio

Agrinio is a friendly town that captivates every visitor from the first minute. This is the starting point for exploring the whole of Etoloakarnia with its interesting mountains, beautiful nature and famous wetlands. Also in Etoloakarnania you can “get acquainted” with the rich flora and fauna. As for the part of the property in Agrinio, the most profitable type for buying is an apartment for €722/sq.m, and for rent €4/sq.m. respectively.

#2 Argos


Argos is located in the Peloponnese and is a modern city with pedestrianized streets, beautiful squares, historical sights and excellent architecture. It is worth noting that Argos, which gave its name to the prefecture of Argolis, is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and is also considered the oldest city in Greece. It is suitable for cultural tourism, as the archaeological site of Mycenae attracts everyone’s attention. If you are interested in real estate in the area of ​​Argos, then know that this mansion is the ideal choice for buying, where the price per sq.m. is €757, while the average offer price for an apartment for rent is €4/sq.m.

#3 Nafplion

Nafplio is a popular destination in Greece that attracts both local and foreign tourists all year round. Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece, and its proximity to Athens is the reason why this city is a favorite destination for excursions. At the same time, Bourtzi and Palamidi are must-see attractions that make Nafplion more beautiful and cosmopolitan. The most profitable option for buying a property in Nafplio is a maisonette with an average asking price of €1368/sq.m. At the same time, the option of renting a maisonette is no less profitable, the price of which is €5.71/sq.m.

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#4 Rhodes

Rhodes is full of tourists: a great start to the season

Knight Island is one of the most popular islands in the country and certainly one of the best destinations in the country as a whole. Rhodes perfectly combines the Middle Ages with a traditional element, paradise beaches with pine-covered mountains, mountain villages with seaside settlements, archaeological sites with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. So if you are thinking about buying a property on this beautiful Dodecanese island, it would be a good idea to consider buying an apartment (1378 euro/sqm).

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#5 Khalkida


Chalkis is a favorite destination as being close to Athens provides extra points while offering options for all tastes. Chalkis is a beautiful city, perfect for any season. In the “Property” section, if you are thinking of buying, the most profitable option would be to find an apartment for sale (1,158 euros/sq.m). If, again, you are looking for a house to rent out, give preference to the maisonette, as its average asking price (€5/sqm) is the lowest compared to other property types.

#6 Heraklion, Crete


Everyone has loved Crete at all times, and people flock from everywhere to enjoy the beauties of the island. The most populous city of Crete is Heraklion, located in the center of the northern part of the island. It should be noted that Heraklion is suitable for both winter and summer holidays. And its good temperatures, even in winter, favor various excursions in the surroundings, such as Malia, Hersonissos and Arvi. In Heraklion Crete, it is preferable to buy a studio apartment (1100 euros/sq.m) and rent a separate house (6.25 euros/sq.m).

#7 Sparta


Sparta is a modest and inconspicuous city in our time, with a history lost in centuries and myths. Despite its modern look, it retains the glamor and grandeur of its important past. It is also a natural landscape of infinite beauty, ideal landscaping with wide avenues and large squares, dozens of options with excellent and high-quality tourist infrastructure, with hotels, restaurants, taverns, cafe-bars and clubs. If you are interested in finding a property in Sparta, then start your search with individual houses, both for purchase (667 €/sq.m.) and for rent (3.21 €/sq.m.).

#8 Larisa


In recent years, the prefecture of Larissa has attracted more and more attention. Larisa itself is a modern and “living” city with a long historical past. It is built inland on both banks of the Pinios river and is located in the center of the eastern part of the Thessalian plain. In the Larissa area, the most profitable option is a private house that you are interested in buying (812 euros/sq.m) or renting (4.33 euros/sq.m).

#9 Kalamata


Kalamata, located in the southwest of the Peloponnese, is the capital of the prefecture of Messinia and a port in the south of mainland Greece. The city was built at the foot of Mount Kalati (the edge of Tayget), in the heart of the Messinian Gulf. It is 223 kilometers from Athens. A beautiful city with a rich history, as well as an important urban, economic and commercial center of the Prefecture of Messinia. It is worth noting that in Kalamata, if you are interested in real estate, it is better to consider looking for an individual house to buy (1250 euros/sq.m) or rent 6.43 (euro/sq.m).

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