September 27, 2023

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How much is the entrance and sunbeds at the popular beaches of Athens

As the air temperature rises and the calendar summer begins, more and more people rush to the beaches to swim and sunbathe. But how much does the entrance and sunbed cost?

According to the ERT channel, the entrance to Alimos beach costs 6 euros and 2 euros for a sun lounger, and on weekends – 8 euros. A reduced ticket costs 3 euros, and admission is free for local residents of the area.

On the organized beach of Vouliagmeni, the entrance fee is 10 euros per person, a reduced ticket costs 5 euros, for children under 5 years old and the disabled, admission is free. The cost of sun loungers on weekdays is 20-30 euros, and on weekends it ranges from 30-40 euros, depending on its location. If you want to be closer to the sea (or just on weekends), the price goes up. And if you want to drink coffee at the same time, then pay 4 euros for a glass, 6.5 euros for freshly squeezed juice and a plate with a “club sandwich” 15 euros.

On the beach in Kavouri, the cost of visiting (with a sunbed) reaches 14 euros, the price of a scoop of ice cream is 3 euros, frozen juice (granites) is 4 euros. Look how much it all cost last year.

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