June 10, 2023

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Eva Kylie removed the electronic bracelet

MEP Eva Kaili, accused of corruption, has been released from house arrest by the Belgian prosecutor’s office.

The former vice-president of the European Parliament is accused of money laundering, corruption, bribery and lobbying for the interests of foreign states – Qatar and Morocco. Greek Eva Kaili was arrested on December 9, 2022, she spent four months in prison. During a search in the house of a European deputy, bags with 600 thousand euros were found, and when trying to escape, the police seized a suitcase with a large amount of cash from Eva’s father.

The release of a MEP is associated with an obligation to fulfill certain conditions:

  • return the equipment used for electronic surveillance;
  • live at the place of residence and not change it without prior notice to the investigator;
  • not to leave the territory of Belgium without the prior written permission of the investigator;
  • not to make contact with any of the persons involved in the case under investigation, including through the media;
  • answer all calls from the police or judicial authorities, including calls from their designated experts;
  • be available for observation by a member of the Attorney’s Office for Social Security.

A month ago, Eva Kylie was released from custody, she was transferred to house arrest.

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