May 29, 2023

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Eurostat: Greece ranks second in the EU in terms of youth unemployment

Greece has the second highest youth unemployment rate in 2022 at 10.6%, according to new data from Eurostat.

In particular, Greece lags behind Spain, where this figure was 11.2%, while Sweden is in third place with 10.3%, followed by Cyprus with 8.8% and Serbia with 8.6%. On the other hand, the lowest youth unemployment rate was recorded in the Czech Republic – 2%, Germany – 3.3%, Bulgaria – 3.3%, Hungary and Poland – 3.5%.

In general, in EU 4.48 million young people aged 15 to 29 were unemployed, representing 6.3% of the total population, which is considered a historical low since the count began in 2009 (9.0%). Also compared to 2021, the share of unemployed young people in the total population has decreased in most EU countries, with the exception of Cyprus, Latvia, Romania and Estonia, where the share has increased slightly.

However, there is a geographical aspect: in the countries of Central and Northern Europe, low ratesand in the countries of Southern Europe, primarily in Spain, Greece and Cyprus, higher.

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