June 10, 2023

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Clashes between residents and police over photovoltaic park

Violent clashes between protesting locals and the police took place in Kalamia, in Kozani.

Population set against the installation of a photovoltaic park next to Calamia. Their supporters also took part in the protest. According to kozan.gr, the police asked them to leave, but the residents refused, which led to incidents and 6 arrests.

Regional councilor Stefanos Prassos was attacked by violent locals, who tore his clothes. And Christos Psalidas, chairman of the Coordination Council of Pensioners (Πρόεδρος Συντονιστικού Οργάνου Συνταξιούχων ΠΑΣΑΣ-ΔΕ), lost consciousness.

To support the residents, the protest demonstration was led by the head of the Popular Movement in the municipal council of Kozani, Nontas Stoltidis, as well as the municipal councilor of Voiu, Michalis Karabatsias.

An ambulance arrived at the scene. Immediately after the arrest of the troublemakers, a demonstration was held at the Kozani Police Headquarters, where the arrested are being held. Organizations and unions immediately demand the release of compatriots who have been “put in jail” without charge.

The new KKE MP, 31-year-old Tina Kuziaki, also took part in the protest rally.

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