June 10, 2023

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April Tax Lottery Has Been Drawn: Find Out If You Won €50,000

The independent body of state revenues ΑΑΔΕ held the next drawing (for April) of the tax lottery.

In her automatically participated taxpayers who have made at least 1 payment with a bank card or made an electronic transaction.

Every month, every euro spent by citizens with plastic money (cards or other electronic means of payment) gives the taxpayer a chance to win. The maximum monthly spending limit is set at EUR 10,000.

Thanks to the new tax lottery system, every month 556 taxpayers earn the following amounts:

  • 1 will win 50,000 euros,
  • 5 winners of 20,000 euros,
  • 50 win 5000 euros,
  • 500 wins 1000 euros.

Taxpayers can go to the relevant ΑΑΔΕ websiteto see if they are among the lucky ones by entering their taxisnet login details.

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