July 16, 2024

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I.Kasidiaris: “I’m running as an independent candidate in the June 25 elections”

The president of the “Greeks” party, Elias Kasidiaris, made an original decision, which, in his opinion, can help bypass the “blockage” of the Supreme Court.

By nominating himself personally as an independent candidate, Kasidiaris introduced a new intrigue into the political alignment of the 2nd round of elections, since before the exclusion of his party by the decision of the Supreme Court, based on pre-election estimates, his party recorded about 5%.

Ilias Casidiaris stated: “In the elections on June 25, I will be an independent candidate for the 1st constituency in Athens from a coalition of independent candidates under the name ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ. My nomination statement will be based on the provisions of the electoral law and Alivisatu’s opinion”: “If Kasidiaris and his friends act as a coalition of independents, and not as a party, and get more than 3% of the vote (which is now very likely), they will be able to enter parliament in full force. This is expressly provided for in paragraph 1 of article 99 of the Electoral Law (Decree 26/2012).

The Coalition of Independent Candidates is not a party as it does not have a state ballot and is not eligible for state funding, so it is not limited by Mitsotakis’ unconstitutional amendments. The votes received by the coalition in the electoral district are summed up by territory, as in the case of party coalitions, hence the confidence of Alivisatos: we will get more than 3% of the vote and go to parliament in full force.

In the first elections, I did not support any party, because, as Schertzos bluntly stated, “whoever receives the support of Kasidiaris in the first elections will be blocked by the Supreme Court in the second elections.” For this reason, I remained aloof and recommended a conscientious vote.

But I foresaw that the day the system eliminated the National Party ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ, it will magically show some non-existent party in the polls to push our voters in that direction. Since my opinion has been fully confirmed, I want to ask two direct questions:

  1. Who paid for the very expensive advertising of Nika’s party on the Internet and in prime time on the MEGA channel?
  2. Why did Velopoulos vote for the 50-seat bonus law, whereby his party loses seats and New Democracy wins them?

Mitsotakis longs to have a controlled ostensible “opposition” to his right with wax figures and other absolutely directed pieces to complete his ethno-monetary-denialist plans (demographic change of Hellenism, cession of national wealth, Aegean limits). We are at the very tipping point of this great political battle that will affect the future of the Greek nation. Despite the absolute war we are facing, despite the unprecedented and illegal methods, I firmly believe that at the end of the day ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ come out victorious“.

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