May 30, 2023

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Despite everything, the Russians go on vacation to Greece

Even before the start of the official opening of the summer season, the dynamics of tourism in Greece is very positive.

The inbound tourist flow in the first quarter of the year showed an increase of 74.7%, as a result of which the number of tourists visiting our country reached 1.072 million people. Such a large number of tourist arrivals, according to the Bank of Greece, led to an increase in tourism revenue by 63.8% over the same period, to 732.9 million euros.

In particular, passenger traffic through airports increased by 64.6%, and through bus stations – by 104.7%. During the period under review, the tourist flow from the EU-27 countries amounted to 898.7 thousand travelers, showing an increase of 51.7% compared to the corresponding period in 2022, while the tourist flow from countries outside the EU-27 increased by 103% and amounted to 975.5 thousand people.

tourist flow from eurozone countries increased by 40.2%, and the tourist flow from countries EU, outside the euro area, increased by 80.4%. In particular, the flow of tourists from Germany increased by 4.4% and reached 158 thousand travelers, and from France – by 72.7% and reached 92.8 thousand people.

In relation to countries outside the EU-27, the flow of tourists from the United Kingdom increased by 61.9%, to 148.3 thousand travelers, and from the USA by 129.6%, to 86.5 thousand people.

The flow of tourists from Russia decreased by 48.4% and amounted to 4.5 thousand travelers.

Concerning income in the tourism sector, an increase in receipts from residents of the EU-27 countries was recorded by 31.8%, which amounted to 318.7 million euros, as well as receipts from residents of countries outside the EU-27 by 102.2%, which amounted to 409.6 million euros.

In particular, receipts from residents of eurozone countries amounted to 266.9 million euros, an increase of 35.8%, while receipts from residents of countries outside the eurozone showed an increase of 14.5% and amounted to 51.8 million euros. In particular, financial receipts from Germany decreased by 3.5% and amounted to 63.3 million euros, while receipts from France increased by 136.8% and amounted to 57.9 million euros.

Receipts from countries outside the EU-27 increased by 35.9% and amounted to 54.9 million euros. Fees from the US rose by 98.4% to 67 million euros, and fees from Russia decreased by 46.6% to 3.2 million euros.

As a result of the above, the travel balance showed a surplus of €233.2 million compared to a surplus of €150.1 million in the corresponding period of 2022.

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