September 30, 2023

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Greece, elections 2023: how to vote without an identity card

There are only a few days left before the elections in Greece. What about those voters who, for whatever reason, do not have an identity card? What documents can replace it?

The citizens of Greece are preparing to exercise their right to vote. On Election Day, May 21, they will come to the polling stations and, after confirming their personal data, they will receive a ballot paper. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in case of temporary absence of an identity card, identification is carried out using 4 other documents, writes CNN Greece:

  • a certificate from the competent authority confirming the identity of the voter;
  • passport;
  • medical book (βιβλιάριο) of any fund;
  • driver’s license.

Please note that expired ID cards and expired Greek passports are acceptable. The MVD circular states:

“Identification of voters for the exercise of their right to vote is carried out on the basis of their police identity card or the corresponding temporary certificate of the competent authority, or their passport, or driver’s license, or individual medical book of all insurance funds.”

The circular also states:

“Voters can also verify their identity with a digital ID in accordance with article 80 of Law 4954/2022 (A’136) in accordance with the identification procedure provided for in the joint ministerial decision no. 4082/2022 (B’ 3982), available through the government portal If, for any reason, compliance with the above procedure is impossible, or if its application causes delays in the voting process, then at the discretion of the chairman of the election commission, voters are identified based on the data of the previous list.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that, as it happens every time during elections, “in order to assist citizens in exercising the right to vote, the identity card offices will operate on Saturday 20 May and Sunday 21 May, at hours to be determined by document Ministry of Citizens’ Protection.

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