September 27, 2023

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Artificial intelligence "undresses" women, girls and adolescent girls

Recently, the Internet has simply been flooded with nude photos, despite the fact that the “models” themselves have never posed in this form – they are undressed by AI.

Women report fake nude photos online. Several complaints were immediately filed from victims who saw their nude photos (from the French nu – “naked”) on Telegram.

Initial information suggests that photos of women are taken on social networks – Instagram, Facebook. Then AI comes to the rescue, which “undresses” the ladies, and then the photo is distributed in Telegram. Most of the photos are of minors. The women’s community “Wonderful Women” reported about what was happening. The message they circulated describes the situation and calls on the victims, quotes

“Over the past few hours, we have received dozens of reports of a crime against women happening right now. More than 100,000 photographs of naked women from Instagram, Facebook or Only Fans that have been edited or “downloaded” illegally from the platforms are being distributed through the Telegram email service on the network. ‘Edited’ photographs of nude women, mostly underage, are processed by an artificial intelligence system to remove clothing. According to research, photos are turned into realistic images and videos based on a real model. This has been going on for quite some time, but in the last few days there have been several groups called “Ex-Nude Photo Exchange” and other groups with unsuspecting women in Greece! Any woman or girl who has been the victim of this heinous crime must first know that she is a VICTIM and has done nothing wrong, as every woman has the right to share whatever material she wants! We need stronger punishments for these crimes that women are suffering again! If you are a victim of this paranoia, contact the Cybercrime Prosecutor’s Office.”

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