December 1, 2023

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Doctor ΕΣΥ will overcome 3000 km and in 50 days visit 62 settlements affected by Nazi atrocities in 1940-1945

The purpose of the unusual project of the doctor of the National Health Service and the doctor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Stergios Arapoglou, is to restore historical memory, draw attention to receiving compensation from Germany, and make changes to the educational policy of Greece.

A few days ago, a 3,000 km long project started. Arapoglu will visit 62 settlements, towns and villages affected by Nazi atrocities in 1940-1945. The Chief Surgeon has started a symbolic race from Marasia (Evros), he is running it at his own expense, under the auspices of the National Council for the Collection of German Debts to Greece. The route includes 2350 kilometers in mainland Greece and 700 kilometers in Crete, Stergios Arapoglou plans to complete it in 50 days.

One of the stated goals is to support the proposal of the Institute of Education Policy and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to include in the curriculum of primary and secondary school students – through textbooks, digital and printed educational materials – the history and consequences of the Holocaust, the massacres of civilians, the famine of occupation, of all Nazi and fascist atrocities committed by the invaders in our country in the period 1940-1945. Arapoglu says:

“Justice and the preservation of their memory for future generations is the most important factor in preventing their recurrence in our country and everywhere where the paranoia of war reigns.”

He emphasized writes, which is absolutely confident in the sense of the initiative being implemented, and noted that he will visit 23 monuments in mainland Greece and 39 in Crete. In total, there are 1170 of them in Greece: “As Manolis Glezos said, in the period of 40-45 years, all of Greece became a Holocaust.”

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