May 31, 2023

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Ptolemais: 10-year-old child tried to be kidnapped on the way from school

A ten-year-old boy from Ptolemais, who was returning home from school, was seriously psychologically affected. Father warns parents to be vigilant.

He reported an attempted abduction by an unknown man of his child, who was returning home from school. As the father said, writes, the son was returning from elementary school with two friends along Kondili street. Saying goodbye to them, he continued his way home alone. Suddenly, a red car stopped very close behind him, the driver lowered the window and began to persistently persuade the child to get into the car so that he would take him home. The boy began to shout loudly “κλέφτης” and ran in the opposite direction, up the road, and the driver, apparently afraid of attracting attention with these screams, quickly started the car and drove away.

The child told his parents that the man who approached him was a stranger, spoke Greek, had gray hair and was probably 45-50 years old. The parents immediately informed the school, and the school, according to the father, informed the police.

The father of the child noted that he wants to warn parents and children to be vigilant, as the boy is now very frightened, and it will take time before he can recover.

The alarming incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Publications have appeared on the Internet and social networks referring to the incident, in which parents express their concern.

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