December 1, 2023

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The inclusion of lamb in the “Easter basket” is a blow to livestock breeders

The Hellenic Livestock Association (ΣΕΚ) expresses its disagreement with the decision of the Ministry of Development to include meat products, in particular lamb, in the so-called “family basket” on the eve of Easter.

In their opinion, this will deal a blow to the livelihoods of pastoralists. ΣΕΚ representatives emphasize that given the huge production costs, determination (limitation) of the selling price meat product by adding it to the “Easter basket” will reduce the income of livestock breeders.

“When the cost to be covered by the producer is, according to our estimates, more than 9 euros per kilogram, the price of selling through the basket at 9.90 will lead to pressure from traders on producer prices. We will be forced to sell meat at a price much lower than the cost of production. This will also lead to an increase in imports of lamb with lower quality and price, just to comply with the “family basket” measure, ”the breeders say.

As noted, the pressure exerted by the government, the forced reduction of commercial profits, “opens the gates” of unfair competition, when imported lambs (mainly Romanian) are passed off as “Greek”.

To solve the problem of rising prices, which burdens both producers and consumers, ΣΕΚ turns to the authorities and makes a formal request. Animal breeders require:

  • Reducing or zeroing the VAT rate on basic food products by the end of the year.
  • Supporting livestock production with 160 million euros (to cope with rising production costs).
  • Strict control over imported lambs (from Romania, etc.) and then “turning them into Greek”.
  • Providing support measures to butchers against the backdrop of containment and reduction in selling prices for products.

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