July 22, 2024

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The “factory” for the production of contraband cigarettes was liquidated, 30 arrests

A “factory” for the production of contraband cigarettes was discovered in Halkidiki, in connection with which 30 citizens were arrested.

Among the detainees are three citizens who are credited with a leading role in criminal activities and organizing the production of illegal cigarettes. The “factory” reportedly had two complete production lines installed, which also handled processing and packaging.

Illegal production discovered in Lakkoma (Chalkidiki) by Kilkis security officers. Law enforcement officers proceeded to arrest 30 people, allegedly members of a network that systematically engaged in the illegal production and distribution of tobacco products.

In addition to the manufacturing plant, the scheme also had two warehouses, the first in Lakkoma and the second in Kalochori, in Thessaloniki. In total, more than 500,000 smuggled packs of cigarettes and 20 tons of processed tobacco were seized, and the amount of unpaid duties was estimated at 2.5 million euros. Cars, raw materials for the production of cigarettes, trucks for transporting contraband tobacco products, etc. were also confiscated.

Among the detainees, three are assigned a leading role. The remaining 27 arrested are foreigners who, according to preliminary data, worked at the manufacturing plant and lived in specially equipped dormitories.

The police investigation into the case began four months ago and ended in the previous 24 hours when the arrests were made. All detainees will be taken to the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki.

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