September 27, 2023

Athens News

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The Athens Metro announced a 24-hour strike on Tuesday 28 March

Athens metro trains will not leave the depot tomorrow, March 28 – the ΣΕΛΜΑ trade union announced a 24-hour strike. The ad says:

“24-hour strike of workers due to problems preventing the implementation of the transport work of the Stationary Transportation Service (ΣΤΑ.ΣΥ) and serving 1.5 million passengers daily.”

The Athens Metro Workers’ Union speaks in a statement about the following issues and demands:

  • Shortage of 847 workers: drivers, technicians, stationmasters and qualified railway personnel.
  • Shortage of new trains and spare parts for trains, as well as materials for the railway infrastructure of the network.
  • Failure to comply with contracts.
  • Registration and state recognition of railway professions and qualifications for all railway personnel.
  • Update and revision of procedures for train operation and for network operation on all STA.SY lines.

The statement also says, quotes CNN Greece:

“We are under their responsibility, and it would be especially interesting for us if the representatives of the government answered whether the demands of the workers are completely legal and fair, or whether they will again consider them unfair and illegal because we are seeking the safety of passengers with our strike. In the gloomy setting of international banking collapse and war in the heart of Europe, the flame of the French uprising, like lightning, spreads the ascension of workers to the height of the duties assigned to them by history.For us railroad workers, in accordance with the demands of the French workers and after the tragic accident at Tempi, this is an appropriate moment to highlight the consequences of privatization policies, anti-worker welfare laws, labor contracts, poverty and unemployment that threaten the entire planet today.”

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