September 27, 2023

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Inflation and rising prices are changing Greek coffee habits

A new study has found that inflation and rising prices have limited the Greek favorite pastime – meeting friends outside the home for a cup of coffee.

Kapa Research found that more than half of Greek coffee drinkers (54%) said they are limiting the number of times they go out for coffee due to a general rise in prices, and 45% say they have stopped doing so. The study was done for the Greek Coffee Association.

Nearly 7 out of 10 respondents reacted negatively to the idea of ​​a special consumption tax on coffee: 80% rejected the idea, with 66% saying “definitely not” and 14% “probably not” as it would affect the daily habit.

However, Greek Coffee Association President Yiannos Benopoulos told the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) that “the abolition of the special consumption tax on coffee has been an ongoing requirement of the Hellenic Coffee Association over the past few years.” He said the financial burden of the tax on coffee business operations and ultimately on consumers has exceeded 140 million euros a year.

Benopoulos told ANA-MPA that coffee consumption is a strong contemporary Greek tradition, as 95% of Greeks buy coffee. Almost 8 out of 10 respondents drink coffee every day (84%), and the majority of non-drinkers (66%) necessarily have coffee supplies in the house. 50% of respondents drink more than one coffee a day (usually 2 or 3).

Overall, 75% of those who drank coffee said they would not replace it with tea or chamomile, and 53% of those surveyed had never thought about stopping drinking coffee, either at home or outside. Of those who might consider the idea, 17% would stop for health reasons, 14% for financial reasons, and 13% because coffee makes them sleepless.

In addition, for 38% of coffee drinkers, limiting coffee consumption at home, at work or outside the home, for financial or other reasons, would mean automatically limiting meetings with friends.

The study found that the majority of sales (78%) are from ground coffee, with another 18% from capsules, a growing trend, Benopoulos said. Most coffee purchases are made in supermarkets, and in restaurants, a cup of espresso is preferred.

Kapa Research polled a sample of 1,003 people in 13 regions of Greece between January 17 and 24. It included men and women over the age of 17. The survey was conducted by phone for 61% of the sample (611 people) and using an online questionnaire for 39% (392 people).

PS In Greece, coffee is not just a drink, it is a way of life, it is the basis of pastime and friendly meetings for the majority of the population. Who, interestingly, from the financial advisers to the government suggested such an idea? Does he sleep well, doesn’t he hiccup? After all, the vast majority of Greeks think about him and his colleagues every day, directly or indirectly.

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