May 29, 2023

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Toxins and Detox: The Great Deception or Business "on blood"

You probably never thought about the origin of the word “toxins”, although you have used the term in your speech more than once, and also heard it in health programs and from nutritionists.

So, this word is of Greek origin and at its root lies “tόξο” (bow, archery tool). Strange, you say. And here is this? Toxin (from the Greek toxikon – a poisonous drug, the literal translation is a drug for making poisoned arrows, from toxon – a bow). Currently, in medicine (and everyday life), the term is used as the concept of “poisonous substance produced by microorganisms (animals and plants) and causing disease.”

Nutritionists often us scare “toxins that have accumulated in our body”, “slagging” and offer a range of (usually expensive) treatments. Although there is no scientific justification that in the body of a healthy person there are or constantly accumulate “slags or toxins” – no.

The words “slag” and “detox” have nothing to do with medical science. Slag is a waste of metallurgical production.

Fine body cleansing is provided for by its physiological characteristics, the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin are actively involved in this process. Nature has endowed the body with sufficiently strong systems of purification and self-regulation. For example intestinal microbiota is able to produce natural antibacterial substances, regulate the immune and allergic response. The liver, kidneys and lungs cleanse at the cellular and molecular levels.

Of course, with malnutrition, poor environmental conditions, frequent stress and genetic disorders or a predisposition to certain diseases, the physiological cleaning system may suffer. But this happens already at the stage one disease or anotheroften without obvious clinical manifestations, which requires, first of all, a visit to a doctor.

The eminent Russian nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov refutes the opinion that it is necessary to cleanse the body and tells what “slags and toxins” are. The expert claims that the pharmaceutical industry “makes big money” on people’s ignorance of simple things.

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