June 10, 2023

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Feelings of a man flying into the abyss

The thrill is what lovers get from extreme entertainment. But how do they feel when something goes wrong?

Bungee jumping is beautifully called: bungee jumping. The essence of the attraction is that the participant is tied to a long rubber rope, on which he jumps down from a great height. But sometimes thoughtful entertainment fails. A tourist at an amusement park in Thailand miraculously survived after falling from a height of 10 floors when his rope broke during the jump.

Footage of his “experience” went viral this week, with Mike, a 39-year-old tourist from Hong Kong, describing how it all happened. Fortunately, he fell into the water and escaped with bruises, writes CNN Greece:

“I fell on the left side of my body, so at that moment the injuries were more serious. Like someone hit me really hard. If a person cannot swim, he will have big problems in such a case.

The Adventure Park, located in the northwest of Pattaya City, offers everything from zip-lines* to shooting. Mike said the park paid for the medical expenses, including X-rays and ultrasounds, that he needed after his fall in Thailand.

The founder of the park, Nitit Indim, confirmed the accident and said that for the first time he saw the bungee jumping rope break:

“After the rope broke, our staff immediately pulled the tourist out of the water and asked if he was all right. Mike said he was in pain all over and was covered in bruises. So we took him to the hospital.”

Nitit Indim said the hiker had signed a disclaimer before the jump. He also sent a photo of the application and copies of the medical tests:

“Employees explained that in the event of an accident, our company will reimburse medical expenses. However, the client cannot claim any other compensation.”

He assured that the park would be ready to pay for new medical expenses if evidence was provided.

*Zipline, zip-line – descent using gravity forces along a steel rope with a lift off the ground, through the air, using a special device using blocks. Widely used as an adventure or entertainment and thrill.

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